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Hands-on in-person crash courses available

ASP.NET Core Essentials

Learn essentials skills to build a full-stack ASP.NET web application such as the MVC pattern (models, views, controllers), code first approach & migrations, page routing, client data persistence, jQuery & Bootstrap, CRUD operations with Entity Framework & publish web app to Windows Azure.

ASP.NET Core Beyond Essentials

Learn beyond essentials skills such as dependency injection, razor tag helpers, partial views, work with SQL Azure, Blob & Table Storage, SignalR, One Signal, Redis Cache, integrating SendGrid & Twilio APIs.

ASP.NET Core WebAPI Essentials

Learn essential skills to build WebAPIs such as authentication & authorization, roles & claims, CRUD/REST operations, unit tests with Postman, connecting automated Azure schedule jobs.

Xamarin Essentials

Learn essential skills to build a Xamarin mobile app such as platform overview, installing SDKs & dependencies, creating a project, designing forms/lists & layouts, working with events, binding data, running on emulators & real devices, debugging project code.

Python Essentials

Coming Soon!

* All crash courses cost $199/pp & are subject to availability & quorum. Address & schedule details will be provided once minimum quorum has been reached. Crash courses are hands-on for which you must bring your own equipment. Lunch, refreshments & snacks are included.


7050 W Palmetto Pkwy Ste 15-111, Boca Raton, FL 33433

(561) 877-1717