Software Development

Software Development

Software DevelopmentSoftware DevelopmentSoftware Development

Mobile/Web Apps, Systems Integrations, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Staff Augmentation.

Business Lines

Mobile/Web Apps


Functional, data driven, responsive web/mobile applications

  • Full-stack database driven responsive web applications build on the cloud.
  • Cross-platform fully native mobile applications targeted to Android & iOS.
  • Content management systems, websites, internet marketing, graphic design.

Systems Integrations


Processes to integrate your systems with others in the cloud

  • Workflows processes that follow logical steps to accomplish business rules. 
  • Automated processes to pull or pull data based on predetermined schedules.
  • Recurrent notifications processes to inform users they need to take action. 



Rich dashboards, artificial intelligence integration, IoT

  • Business intelligence, analytics, reporting, charts, metrics, KPIs.
  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning models, face/object/speech recognition, chatbots.
  • Internet of things integrations with beacons, RFID, Arduino & Raspberry PI.

Staff Augmentation


Remote software developers or other related IT staff

  • Additional staff to help your IT resources getting things done on time.
  • Get technical support 24/7 and systems maintenance on different timezones.
  • Flexible and agile management models that adapt to your business processes.


Spoken Languages