Business Analysis


We listen to our clients & understand their business as a whole including its industry, environment, processes, operations & competition. Together we find ways to identify & implement the best solution that fits project's needs. Then we align technology challenges to business operations & execute agile project management & software development processes.

Software Development


With software development we automate repetitive tasks, duplicate information & manual communications into custom software. We work closely with business owners throughout each software development phases to ensure we achieve the final goal. We are committed to produce easy to use, efficient, scalable & quality software for each clients to help them optimize their operations while lowering material & labor costs.


Maria B.

They make an extremely powerful team, responsible, accurate, sensible to client needs and very professional. We are very grateful to be working with them and we feel it’s going to be a very long business relationship.

Adrienne F.

He is professional and very talented. Able to demonstrate quality work, and available for ideas  He produces exactly what he says he will... and in a timely manner. I highly recommend MAXELIT team!

Blankie B.

MAXELIT are very knowledgeable IT professionals. They managed to upgrade and optimize our website, enforcing better up-to-date security and stability without risking compatibility to legacy systems. The whole process was a really smooth one with no “down-time” and the resulting application and screens are very professional looking and user friendly with fully validated fields. I highly recommend MAXELIT as a great IT resource for all your IT needs.

Juan P.

We have been outsourcing our software development function to MAXELIT for the last two-plus years. Our overall experience with MAXELIT has been very positive because has been able to effectively adapt to variations in workload and resource requirements from our end. When we have needed to deliver particular functionality under tight deadlines, MAXELIT has assigned the necessary programming, testing, and implementation resources to make sure we meet established deadlines. 

In our experience, MAXELIT's main strength is how thorough they are in terms of delivering against established requirements and performing software testing so that UAT periods are relatively short. This is particularly important to our organization, because it has allowed us to achieve shorter time-to-market for our software releases.

Another important consideration is that MAXELIT has been very honest and forthcoming at every point of the business relationship. This has been an important factor in effectively and quickly dealing with technical and business issues that normally arise from time to time in software development.  We plan to continue relying on MAXELIT as our software development partner for the foreseeable future.

Emily C.

MAXELIT tiene una política de trabajo organizada, dirigida a orientar al cliente sobre sus necesidades y están dispuestos a adaptarse a las necesidades del cliente. Su personal es sumamente profesional y cumplen con los estimados de tiempo de trabajo.

Elvin I.

Great service, everything finished on time, I recommend them to anyone.